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Current episode: Car accident

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052: Accidente automovilístico - Car accident


Welcome Spanish language learners! Spanish for my job is designed to meet the needs of Spanish learners who have to acquire technical Spanish vocabulary for their career. Whether you are an engineer, a doctor, an elected official, a business executive, a lawyer, or are in the military, this website will help you acquire the specific vocabulary you need to help further your career.

This show will not only help you improve your Spanish understanding. It will also help you gain the skill and confidence you need to speak with Spanish-speaking natives, to write reports, and, of course, to help you build a wider business network.

Why learn Spanish? English and Spanish are the two main languages used in the Americas. Therefore, job opportunities, trade, and personal relationships are virtually endless when you learn Spanish as a second language (and this is true for those of us who use English as our second language). Additionally, the most important American transnational companies have branches in Latin America, and if you handle both languages well, you would have a greater chance of being hired by powerful corporations. Speaking Spanish would not only enable you to talk to people living in Hispanic countries, but also with Latinos now living in the United States, who only speak Spanish.

As a foreign-language learner, you know how important it is to learn and expand your vocabulary. That is why it’s essential to know the context in which the words and phrases are used within your profession. You may think that your limited time, not to mention past frustration, will make it difficult to move forward. Nevertheless, don’t give up! One of the main reasons why language students quit or fail is because of the perceived need to learn a huge vocabulary as well as the intricacies of grammar. Neither is necessary. In Spanish, many words become archaic or are only used in certain fields of knowledge. So, even for native speakers it is impossible to know the meaning of all Spanish words. However, this does not prevent them from gainful employment.

In Spanish for my job, I narrow the vocabulary you will need even further. And, learning your career-specific vocabulary, combined with these audio files in correct Mexican Spanish pronunciation, will enable you to interact appropriately with native Spanish speakers.

As you learned your mother tongue, a second language should be learn by the ears and not the eyes. You must be willing to listen to many hours of Spanish audio materials. As a result, in a relatively short period of time, words and sentences automatically came out from your mouth effortlessly. It is why this show is focus on the most important skill that any language learner should develop. Listen to the target language.